As professional solicitors, we are, first and foremost, legal representatives. We deal with idiosyncrasies of various laws, complexities of representation and contrasts embedded within the court system. However, despite the fact that the great majority of our time is spent analysing and filing paperwork, we also work with people. No solicitor operates in a vacuum, of course, but nowhere is the emotional, human side of legal proceedings as evident as in divorce cases. The process can be extremely traumatic for everybody involved – so much so that divorce and marital separation are considered to be the second and third biggest life stressors, rivalled only by the death of a spouse. In circumstances like these, divorce solicitors must develop a set of skills that go far beyond legal knowledge. They must listen to their client‘s worries and be able to appease them. They must figure out the dynamic of the relationship that is now coming to a close. They must offer emotional support and guidance.


Legal divorce is only a small part of the whole process of dissolution of marriage. It is the emotional divorce that takes much longer and leaves wounds that are not quick to close up. Our specialists at Leeds Divorce Solicitors take great care to appreciate the difficulties involved in the latter and help their clients navigate them to the best of their abilities. If you are considering making an appointment with one of our specialists and starting the process of regaining your independence, here are some things that you can expect to gain from the ongoing relationship with your solicitor.

  1. Trust and uncompromising confidentiality. During the process of divorce, you will be bound to share some extremely personal, and sometimes highly uncomfortable, information with your divorce solicitor. We understand how difficult that might be and do our best to establish a relationship and create an environment that promotes trust and openness on the part of the client. One of our primary goals is to make you feel safe and accepted – if that is not reached, legal matters can hardly progress, simply because all clients have to be as emotionally stable as possible in order to be able to make rational decisions in regards to their divorce. We also find that a lot of women feel more comfortable sharing details of their personal lives with a female, rather than male, solicitor – and vice versa when it comes to men. If you think that this strategy would be beneficial for you, do not be afraid to let us know your preferences before making your first appointment. We will make sure to do our best to meet your individual needs.
  2. An option to have somebody by your side during the appointments. Divorce can seem terrifying, especially at the very start of the process. The emotional wounds are still fresh, the uncertainty about your future is looming above your head like a big black cloud and the legal side of things appears to be as confusing as ever – this is why facing the first few legal appointments on your own might not be an option. Our solicitors understand the importance of having a trusted companion right by your side during the toughest moments of the journey and are open to discussing the details of the divorce in the presence of your friend or family member – as long as you give them full permission to be there.  Keep in mind that you must be completely honest with your solicitor. When it comes to such sensitive topics like infidelity, debts, finances and the like, you might actually feel more comfortable opening up to an impartial professional whose relationship to you is not strictly personal.
  3. Referral to a reliable therapist. Our divorce solicitors are ready to offer you emotional support and guide you through the difficult legal process. It is an indispensable part of their job. However, sometimes the help provided by a solicitor, as well as your personal support network, is not enough – the first might seem too professional, while the latter is often too practical. A good therapist is able to bridge the gap between the two and our solicitors are always happy to recommend trustworthy therapists or divorce consultants to the clients who struggle to come to terms with the changed circumstances on their own. Over the years, we have encountered and have come to know numerous local professionals working within the field of divorce, so you can count on our recommendations.


Our clients are not impersonal legal dilemmas – they are human beings who are often caught up in some of the hardest times of their lives. Neither is your divorce solicitor an emotionally detached problem-solving machine. Such an approach would simply not work in divorce cases. That is why we always take the psychological side of the proceedings into consideration by valuing your struggles and being there to help you overcome them.