As you already know if you have scrolled through the rest of our website, our company has been working in the city of Leeds for twenty years. We have come to know its residents extremely well over this period and have learnt to navigate the peculiarities of the West Yorkshire culture. While dealing with nearly ten thousand divorce cases, we have accumulated a substantial amount of knowledge about what makes divorce in this part of the country different from the rest of the UK – especially its capital, London, as almost half of our solicitors started their careers there. Reading about our experience might help you get an idea of what you, as a divorcee-to-be, can expect during the process and after it is over and done with.

In those cases where settling the dispute without resorting to litigation is not an option, we have encountered a fair and reliable court system. Compared to the country‘s capital, things seem to move along a lot quicker in Leeds, as the courts are not nearly as clogged. Once you have made your decision to go through with the divorce, speed is always a welcome attribute – the longer the proceedings take, the more stress they end up causing for all the people involved. Leeds Combined Court Centre is extremely familiar to our solicitors and has helped us settle hundreds of cases in the best possible way over the years – so if you happen to have no other choice but complete the divorce with the help of the court, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your case will be treated in a fair and effective manner.

Here, like pretty much anywhere else in the UK, divorce is definitely not an uncommon occurrence. This is a sad truth, but what makes it more positive is the fact that the divorcees in Leeds are sure to find understanding and support amongst other residents. Strong community spirit has always been an important feature of the city, but we have seen it growing ever stronger since 1997, the year Leeds Divorce Solicitors was established. Countless clients have shared their experiences of finding solace in various places after their divorce was finalised and the inevitable sense of loneliness set in. Some of them make friends with the neighbours who have gone through the same ordeal. Others find peace in the church – whatever their chosen denomination, various religious communities in Leeds seem to show great understanding of the struggles that divorcees go through.


We have also seen people coming together and forming support groups for those who could not find the camaraderie that they needed elsewhere. Professional counselling, psychological help and relationship advice is also on offer within the city. As long as they go out and seek support, our clients are able to find it and do not have to deal with their divorce on their own. This is extremely important for every divorcee out there and it is what makes the city of Leeds stand out from the crowd of other, bigger cities within the United Kingdom. We are always glad to see the city‘s community spirit in action and do our best to support new initiatives related to providing post-divorce care to the residents.


We at Leeds Divorce Solicitors are proud to be working within, as well as for, the city. This local focus allows us to familiarise ourselves with all of the complex ins and outs of the process, which is ever so slightly different depending on the region. More importantly, it allows us to truly focus on our clients and their individual needs. As the first English company dedicated exclusively to divorce cases and one of the leading legal firms in the UK, we are happy to serve the residents of Leeds and help them overcome the challenges of dissolution of marriage.