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Our specialist family lawyers will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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We Believe You Deserve the Best

Divorce can affect anyone, and we believe everybody has the right to access experienced, specialist divorce lawyers who will do their best for you.

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Divorce is an emotional, stressful time – we take as much of this away from you as possible, and focus on achieving a fair, dignified outcome.

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We Value You And Believe In Value For Money

Divorces can be expensive – here at Leeds Divorce Solicitors we believe in value for money and transparency in all our cases, meaning our clients receive the best possible service.

Why us?


Leeds Divorce Solicitors was founded in 1997 and in twenty years has been instructed in nearly ten thousand divorce cases. This incredible experience makes us one of the leading divorce companies in the region.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our highly-qualified team of specialists follow strict guidelines and a code of practice. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We strive to give you the best legal advice in order to move your case forward as efficiently as possible, with a view to reaching the best result for you.


We are specialists in every aspect of family law, with extensive experience of assisting clients and finding solutions to disputes over children, property and money.


Here at Leeds Divorce Solicitors we offer a broad range of legal expertise at affordable prices, with a large choice of payment packages designed to suit all incomes.


How long does a divorce usually take?

Most divorces can take between four and six months, however if there are disputes over, for example, children or money, it may take slightly longer. Any financial issues should be resolved prior to applying for Decree Absolute. Our specialist divorce solicitors will provide you with a full breakdown of proceedings, timescale and what you can expect.

Why do I need a solicitor?

Meeting with a solicitor will enable you to learn about your position in law and your options going forward. You can then use this information to enter further conversation with your spouse or ex-partner, or via mediation or their solicitor. Our team of specialists offer a free initial meeting so you can hear your options and decide how you wish to proceed. The divorce solicitor you first meet will take on your case and work in partnership with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

Will I have a dedicated solicitor?

The solicitor who you first meet with will deal with your divorce, and work with you for the entire time to ensure a successful outcome. Paralegals in the team will undertake some routine research and administration tasks in order to minimise costs for you, but the bulk of the work will be carried out by the specialist divorce solicitor who took on your case. This solicitor will be on hand to answer all your queries and ensure smooth running of your separation or divorce, and make sure all stages of the process are handled with integrity and fairness.

What are the costs involved and how do I pay?

Instructing a solicitor to assist with your divorce is not as costly as you might think. Leeds Divorce Solicitors have a range of payment options to make the process as painless as possible, from hourly rates and fixed fees to monthly instalments. When you have your first appointment the solicitor will provide you with full details of your options, and it is then that you can make your decision as to how to proceed. No monies are requested during the first appointment, which is free of charge.


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